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Please use the price list as a guide. Discounts can be applied for multiple orders such as laundry and ironing together. There is a minimum £10 charge for all orders placed so please contact me for a personalised quote tailored to your individual needs.


I charge £2.55 per kilo. A kilo is typically five shirts.


Please specify on ordering or collection which wash powder and fabric softener you would prefer me to use.

  • £1.60 single

  • £2.15 double

  • £2.70 kingsize

  • £3.25 super king

Prices are for sheets OR duvet covers however an extra 90p will be charged for fitted sheets and £1.00 for a valance.


£1.05p each for general items such as t-shirts, tops, jumpers, jeans, trousers, shorts etc.


£1.30 each for special items such as shirts, blouses, dresses, night dresses, trousers (with pressed crease) etc.


60p each for small items such as t-towels, napkins, hankies etc

70p each for children's clothes (under 6)

*These prices are subject to change.

I do not accept responsibility for damage to clothing if care instructions have been followed.

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